Kids Martial Arts


Martial Arts training, especially taekwondo as taught by the Certified Instructors at Velocity Martial Arts, is a wonderful way to instill focus and self confidence in children.


At Velocity Martial Arts in Lansing Michigan:


  • Our Mission is to Ignite each students ability to succeed in life!


  • Velocity Martial Arts programs teach students to face challenges in life with physical strength and mental toughness. Our students learn to be leaders in everything they do, with the discipline and confidence to follow through by always taking action.


  • Our youngest students begin with learning the formation of discipline: listening, following directions, paying attention and displaying courtesy to others.


  • Velocity Martial Arts physical training incorporates the importance of fitness and health while reinforcing the value of strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility: both mentally and physically.


  • Students learn leadership skills, public speaking, goal setting plus follow through.


  • Velocity Martial Arts is committed to providing a safe environment where students can develop to their fullest potential in life.


Come Visit Us! We Are Located @ 410 Elmwood Rd. Lansing, MI


Velocity Martial Arts Programs

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