Velocity Martial Arts Teaches My Son To Succeed

My son attends Velocity Martial Arts and loves it! He has grown emotionally by leaps and bounds. He is more respectful, responsible, honest and caring than he was prior to enrolling in taekwondo. He has not only grown emotionally, but also physically. He has attained a higher degree of balance, strength and precision. The instructors and owners of Velocity Martial Arts are some of the kindest and most loving people I have ever met. They truly care about the success of each and every child they teach. They have become like family to us, and I could not imagine a better environment for a child. Taekwondo is a great sport for children and Velocity Martial Arts is the best place for taekwondo!      -M. S. Smith

My Family Is Stronger Now

As a very family-oriented man, I just want to thank all the wonderful certified trainers at Velocity Martial Arts.  I had my kids in martial arts classes for about a year before I started.  I would watch them train from the audience or I would just drop them off at class and then go to the gym.  Then the realization that I could just train with my kids hit me and we haven't looked back since.  Velocity Martial Arts makes training with your family fun and easy.  The bonds that have been developed with my son and daughter over the last two years are amazing.  Having this family activity to experience together has just made us closer and a stronger family unit.  Even my wife saw how much closer the kids and I were becoming and decided to get in on the action too.   Now I am proud to say that we have a Velocity Martial Arts Family and I wouldn't trade t for anything!  Thank you guys for providing such a safe and wonderful place for us to train and develop our relationships.  -K.S. Henderson

Women In Lansing Are Talking About Velocity

I have been taking kickboxing classes here for about two years now and absolutely love it! I have tried a lot of different kickboxing and fitness classes, and this one is the best, hands down! After four kids, I am in the best shape that I have been in years thanks to Velocity Martial Arts. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.  Velocity Martial Arts takes into account everyones individual physical ability and works with them to get the amazing results I have experienced.  I tried gyms and exercise programs but nothing compares to the friendliness and fun that I get with the wonderful people at Velocity Martial Arts.  -R L Campbell


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