Ms. Victory Program at Velocity is Changing Girls' Lives

My wife and I would like to give some feedback regarding the new class that has been offered here by Ms Moore , We are very happy to see that it is being taught by Ms. Moore because she has set a very good , positive example for the younger girls and women that attend here including my daughter Leah , This class is but one example that reinforces the qualities that we as parents desire to see developed in our daughters as they grow in to adulthood and become women . The confidence , commitment , dedication and overall structure is what it takes to get a high degree of character which in turn helps develop the type of leader that our society will greatly benefit from , These young girls will benefit greatly as well as society will benefit greatly from them as many of them will be future leaders in the world and will set the example for generations to follow on how to live a healthy , successful and challenge oriented journey which we hope will in turn greatly enhance their quality of life but most importantly would be to invest their lives into the lives of others .
    This pilot program should become a model that could be developed into a nationally accepted curriculum that ATA would be responsible for implementing throughout the locations , I could go on and on about the excellent teaching being done by Ms. Moore and would like to give her much credit in the time spent already in developing this program and we are personally looking forward to our daughter possibly being a springboard in the furthering of this great teaching opportunity to as many young women and girls as possible. William Bailey

Velocity Martial Arts Turns Girls Into Leaders


I want to tell you how much my family appreciates your Ms. Victory program!  Lennon truly loves the class and has been doing great on the 3 goals you helped set in place for her!  I hear her say every morning “PUBLIC SPEAKING IS FUN AND EXCITING”, 3 times.  This past Saturday was a testament on what this program can achieve…look at what it has already achieved in the short amount of time it has been in place!  We have daughters with improving grades, higher self esteem, better attitudes, less back talk, and in some cases even getting over there fears (i.e.  public speaking). Ian Williams


Velocity Martial Arts Programs

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